CEO Message

Welcome colleagues, friends and partners,

2016 promises to be an incredibly exciting year for MMI and associated companies as we celebrate our 100-year journey from Dubai Creekside shipping agent to one of the world’s leading independent beverage distributors.

Sharing in Dubai’s history and contributing to the rise of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, MMI has played its part in achieving world-class standards, serving the hospitality industry, multinational consumers, international travellers and global connoisseurs in the UAE and beyond.

We will continue this journey by recognising one of the most important aspects to MMI’s success and longevity, namely our people, some of whom have been on this remarkable journey with us for quite some time. We will continue to invest heavily in training and development as retention of our best talent will always remain a key priority for us.
Being aware of and adapting to changing trends and crucially listening and responding to customer feedback is another cornerstone of our business, as is the desire to always do better and go further, a trait built into our DNA from our humble origins.

Embracing the wonderful tradition of Arabian hospitality, this is just the beginning of our remarkable story as we continue our exciting growth. Growth that will see the successes and achievements gained in the Middle East over the past 100 years expand further into Asia, Africa and beyond.

Our vision for the future of the company remains the same. To expand our partnerships and bring on additional brands throughout our sphere of operations whilst striving to exceed on the high quality of service excellence that has come to be associated with MMI and our aim of delighting our customers every time.

We will continue to do this by delivering sustainable growth to our shareholders through quality execution. We will continue to work in close partnership with our stakeholders, building and maintaining confidence through transparency and excellence and we will encourage our teams to challenge themselves to meet and exceed expectations whilst raising the bar in service delivery

We thank all our valued partners and customers for your continued support and look forward to celebrating with you into 2016 and beyond.

Best regards,

Andrew J Day
Group CEO MMI and ELR

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